Providence News

October 2014 Issue 3

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In the Montessori Prep classroom we are using the changing of the seasons to pick up leaves and observe the variety of colors. We are also making Halloween decorations. The children are really enjoying decorating the classroom with the decorations we made. We also have been learning about the letter “D”. We learned the parts of the dog’s face and the sound it makes. Next week will be reading “Puff the Magic Dragon” and create Dragons. Colors of the month are orange and black for Halloween. Finally the children are working on trying to recognize their written names.


The Pre Primary class has been busy creating numerous masterpieces using our colors of the month, orange and black! Please be sure to see their creations in our classroom.
We started our Nursery Rhymes with Little Miss Muffet. Everyone in class jumped when the spider scared Ms. Muffet!
We are practicing our balancing skills by "walking the triangle" on the floor. We have even tried to walk on it backwards!
The change of weather has allowed for lessons on how to put their own jackets on. They are so proud when "the magic flip" is a success!
We look forward to celebrating Halloween with the Pre Primary class!

Primary I

We are busy adding new fall themed materials to our room. We will be learning the life cycle of a pumpkin, land and water forms and more sounds of the week.
The changes in the weather have not stopped our outside fun. We play soccer, football, "Elsa" freeze tag and walnut bowling.
We have started doing yoga in our room and have been doing poses related to the sound of the week. During circle time we enjoy stories and songs. Learning the 5 little pumpkins song has been a favorite.
The children have all adjusted very well to school and are working very nicely.
Thank you for returning the blue bags each day. We love filling them up with your child's work and beautiful art. We hope you are also enjoying reading what your children are working on during the day.
We look forward to our Halloween parade and seeing all of the costumes we have been hearing about.

Primary II

October is a very busy month for us! We have been discussing the fall season and observing all the changes this time of year brings. Lessons on the part of a leaf, leaf matching, and Autumn leaf painting have been classroom favorites. In geography the children have been focusing on the seven continents. This past week we learned about North America. Character Education also started last week. Our monthly focus is being "Proactive." This theme teaches the children that they are in charge of their own actions. The children love reciting our "I'm in Charge of Me" poem every morning. Math and language lessons have continued as well. A few classroom favorites are the addition snake game, geometry, decimal system fetching, moveable alphabet and writing in their journals. We have also started creating our own Halloween stories to share with the other classes at Providence Montessori.