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Mrs. Waterstredt's weekly newsletter

Week of May 4, 2015


Math- This week we will continue to work with decimals. In fourth grade, we only work with decimals to the hundredths place. We will compare decimals, write decimals, and read decimals.

Social Studies - Today students will be taking their Northeast Region quiz. Next up with be the Southeast Region!

Reading - Our reading units are complete!

Writing - This week we will continue our poetry unit by adding similes and metaphors to our poems, we will also shape our poems, and add "vivid" verbs to make our poems more intersting.

Science -Science will then be put on hold while we focus on Social Studies.

Teacher Notes


Please note the dates above that we will be taking the M-STEP. In addition to the testing times, there are "classroom activities" that students need to be present for in order to complete the testing. Our last "classroom activity" date is today.

M-STEP Preparation

We spent time over the last few weeks working through sample problems for the M-Step. I encourage you to have your son/daughter spend some time at home with the on-line practice too.

(Must use Google Chrome as your browser)