Africa has awesome stuff

created by:kaitlyn Harris

Mount Kilimanjaro

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It is the largest mountain in Africa.It also happens to be a extinct volcano.Mount kilimanjaro rises in to 2 peaks.One thing to do is a african scenic safari

Lake Victoria

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The largest lake in Africa.50 miles of the shore live millions of people.It is a fresh water lake and it has alot of fish.on thing to do is to go to Rubondo island national park.

Nile River

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Some interesting facts are it runs 4,160 miles from where it starts to the mediterranean sea.It runs through Egypt,Sudan,Ethiopia,Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda,Burundi,and Zaire.Important source for hydroletric power.One thing to do is visit the Simbel Abu temple.

Kalahari Desert

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It is 100,00 square miles.It is an arid plateau.Grass grows throughout during the rainy seasons.One thing to do is go on a safari with exotic animals.