DECA Library

DeKalb County Schools, Fall Semester, 2015-2016

Library Stats

1. Every morning, 10-20 students.

2. Every lunch, 5-10 students.

3. Over 150 student passes to the library. (Some passes have 4+ student names, and some teachers send students in without a pass, so over 200 this semester.)

4. Average about 50 students/day through the library.

Library Information

Duties and Meetings

1. Universal Screener Testing.

2. Title I inventory.

3. Fernbank contact person.

4. Website updates.

5. Padcaster training.

6. District Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Steering Committee meetings.

7. District Ed Media meeting.

8. Cluster meeting.

9. Spent most of the library's budget: Follett (books), GALE (student database resources, annual subscription, and EBSCO (magazine subscriptions)

10. Copyright and Fair Use to faculty and staff.

11. Ed Media District Steering Committee member: read applications and voted on Librarian of the Year.

12. Morning Announcements.


1. Write-Around with Mr. Butler's 3rd Block, twice.

2. Battledecks on Eco-Tourism with all of Mr. Fourqurean's classes.

3. Health with Coach Issac's class.

4. Through the Social Studies Dept., had all blocks in for a lesson on materials and resources (Galileo, GALE, primary vs secondary sources, Media Center's webpage, etc.)


1. Scheduled GA State's BioBus for the day, all of Dr. Jag's classes.

2. Awarded DECA's faculty/staff member of the month in Sept., 2015.

3. Wrote and earned the Target Field Trip Grant.

4. Fight the Fatigue Events in the library during exam week.

5. Contacted Angela Johnson on behalf of Dr. Jag and Mr. Brackman, who wished to have a lesson on Promethean Board Basics.

6. Contacted Laura Crate on behalf of Dr. Jag and Mr. Smith, who wished to have a lesson on student feedback through the Promethean Board.

7. NHS sponsor: Light the Night at Centennial Park, monthly meetings, ordering t-shirts, collecting and delivering newspapers for DeKalb Animal Shelter to use, collecting and delivering blankets and coats to a shelter, etc.

8. Yearbook: attending after school events to take pictures (NHD Project showcase, International Day, etc.)