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When science is a stick in the mud

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Us Sumerians were the first to even come up with science! Wouldn't everyone expect you to know all about the science that we Sumerians came up with ourselves? Don't you want to be one of those smart Sumerians who become a scholar? Scholars are the people who write lists of the natural world around us. We are already coming up with new ways to make medicine. Don't you want to help and save all those soldiers that fight for us all the time. Come so we can help you pull that stick out of the mud!

Every Monday and Wednesday at my house: Kaili Auchampach

Every Monday and Wednesday at my house: Kaili Auchampach. Ziggurat Ave. house 3. 11am - 1pm (lunch provided). Starting on December 3.

Some things you will be learning

Guaranteed to be educational and fun all in one package!

Frequently asked questions

Some people don't want to make a decision until they really understand what the program is all about. Here are a few of the common questions: Do you really get a full education of all the required learning standards? Is this a real program that is supported by the government? All these questions will get answered when you come in on the first day.

City-state science fun!