civil war project

8th grade book project 2015

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There are many DIFFERENCES and SIMILARITIES between the book “long road to Gettysburg” and the websites, the book talk about the confederate soldiers in the battle and talks more about the confederate army then the union army. the book has more detail in what happened to one soldier. how a soldier gets captured and how the battle went for him, not so good. book talks about a soldier’s point of view named Dooley. The soldier is a confederate soldier. The articles on the website focused on the actual battle itself and the overall picture of the battle and not just one person personal experience similarities.

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Whats in the book?

In the book it talks more about the generals then the websites. But out of all the generals the book talks about Robert E. Lee the most. the book talks about what Lee had to go throw and his plans for the battle of Gettysburg.

what's in the web

The DIFFERENCES between the website and the book is that the website is more focusing on what the soldiers and less on the generals. The website gives you a more general idea of the battle instead of just one persons point of view.

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The similarities between the book and the websites

The SIMILARITIES between the book and the websites are that they both have the same movement of the soldiers during the battle and the overall winner on the battle, the union. The book and the websites both tell about the same weaponry, and they both talk about the Gettysburg address at the end.

by Alex Villa

The book i read was "The Long Road to Gettysburg",

the websites that i used are and