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19 september 2015

The Pros and Cons Spanking vs Non Spanking Parents

.Parents Spanking Their Kids And Parents Not Spanking Their Kids

.Kids Not Going To Bed on Time

.Effect Ways To Discipline Kids

.How To Come Closer To Your Child

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The Pros And Cons Spanking vs Non Spanking parents


Every parent wonders how they should discipline here are some pros and cons of spanking and not spanking your kids.


*Some parents think that spanking your child is a good thing at a very specific age but not when they are very young it can cause scars that could be forever

*Spanking brings fear into the child and doesn't make the child fell free with the parents.


*It makes the child get away from trouble

*It makes the child not cause problem in the house or anywhere else



* The kid is going to be a bad boy

*The kid is going to go down the wrong path and going to be a failure in life.


*The kid is not afraid to tell their parent anything

*The kid feels safe around their parent and the kid wont have any scars that is going to last forever

By David Akindipe

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Advise To Parents About Spanking

Spanking is a severe problem because it can influence a child's future .Most parents spank their child because they think spanking is a good way for a child to learn from their mistakes. Spanking your child will physically scar your child and might grow up with a defect or make the child afraid to tell you anything.Parents think spanking is the only way for discipline but you could give them a warning , give them time outs or ground them for a few hours or days.