Future Dust bowl?

by Hope Mcdowell

《The Croods》- the cute sloth's "DaDaDa~"

The Dusty 30"s how it happened

It was the combination of drought and poor land use practice that created the environmental disaster. The dust bowl was the worst environmental disaster that hit the plains. With the dry weather and the bad land condition made the dust bowl, the plains know turned to dust made the plains a perfect place to start a dust storm. The wind was a way to make it bigger than a skyscraper. One reason why the dust bowl was getting bad for farmers because some of the largest bodies of the water were drying out and farmers need that water. Another reason the dust bowl happened was because drought was more common during this time and most of the people of the great plains didn’t know how to prevent getting hurt or get there lugs filled with sand so it was really tough for the people .Now many peole learn from what happen then ad aer more ready for disaster like that .

Huge Phoenix Dust Storm (Haboob) July 21, 2012

Future dust bowl could it happen again?

About 60% of the united states recelently as been a drought which could make another dust storm. Dry soil is makeing house foudation crake and leak. But the way that humans interact with their environment prior to and during a drought can profoundly affect not only how well they weather the earth. There are many reason that another dust bowl could happen again but most of all if it were to happen we ot to take of our plante to pervent it .

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Not a good day to go out side.

Mom of the Great Depersion.