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Which Fire Suppression is the Best to Use in California?

If you ask which fire suppression services is the best for IT companies or companies which have enclosed spaces, unmanned spaces, or spaces with relatively little human monitoring – if you are in U.S., we’d say go for Stat-X, and if you are in California, we’d say ask Pro Tech FCS to do the installation – they know their job. After all, they have been installing and distributing fire suppression systems for more than twenty years in southern California.

When it comes to fire prevention, you cannot afford to employ just anybody

Just purchasing a good fire suppression system is insufficient unless the people who do the installation and required maintenance are experts in the fire prevention field. In fact, many fire hazards occur because of improper installation or installation by unauthorized personnel, and not because of the absence of fire suppression systems on premises.

This is where, in California, you can rely upon companies like Pro Tech FCS. In fact, you have to rely upon experts when it comes to installing and maintaining fire suppression systems.

You can’t afford just any fire suppression system for protecting vital assets

Every company today has electronic or electrical equipment that is sensitive to heat and may contain flammable components. In areas like data centers and server rooms, that are so common in today’s world, small enclosed spaces are left unmanned for long times. Unreliable fire prevention systems are not an option here, and neither can you opt for the cheapest alternative – water.

In fact, water can harm electronic and IT equipment as much as fire would under circumstances found in ordinary offices. Other options like sand are also ruled out when it comes to server room protection. This is why and where fire suppression systems like Stat-X provide the edge.

Stat-X has an excellent early detection system, which can be set to trigger off as soon as temperature enters the critical zone bordering on ignition. Fact is, in most electronic systems, components can be irretrievably damaged and start melting long before a fire actually starts.

This is why, Stat-X , when installed by professionals like Pro Tech FCS, is better than most fire prevention systems that focus only on the fire extinguishing, and not so much on fire prevention or fire control. Stat-X can be set to start functioning and generating its aerosol as soon as temperature reaches a critical point. It goes beyond being a fire prevention system to be an integral part of comprehensive disaster management strategy.

Of course, there are other considerations like statutory regulations, approvals from authorities and reliability that need to be considered when choosing a fire suppression system. Stat-X excels here, and from military uses in Afghanistan, to saving mining machinery, the world knows Stat-X does it job without any adverse environmental impact.

As to the question of which is the best commercial fire suppression systems in California, the answer is Stat-X, when installed by professionals like Pro Tech FCS.