#47 : Venn Diagrams

TT#10. Instructional focus : Comprehension and Content Areas

By: Becky Brady

Why are they helpful?

Students compare and contrast two things efficiently through the use of this graphic organizer. The organizer provides structure and clarity for the students to think and comprehend similarities and differences between two topics.

How can they be used?

This strategy may be used as independent work or as a group effort. The teacher may create venn diagrams as part of a worksheet or in large scale on a tear sheet or on the white board/projector. Students can comprehend independently or as a group (formative assessment) to complete the diagram as a group or whole class. If the teacher is fond of these strategy, printing personal venn diagrams on each student and laminating them is a quick way to assess learning as well as reuse of resources.

What do they look like?

Simple. Meaningful. Provokes critical thinking.