Medical Administrative Assistant

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What is a Medical Administrative Assistant?

Perform clerical work in doctors' and hospital offices. A medical administrative assistant is very important for the maintenance of a healthcare facility.

What to Know about Medical Administartive Assistants


Educational Steps & Requirements:

-Apply for the Health and Medicine academy

-Graduate high school

-Apply to get Medical coding degree and MAA classes


-The income in Joliet, IL is 25% higher than average widespread. In the whole state of Illinois, the average Salary is about $39,000


Some of the duties of medical administrative assistant are: keeping, maintaining, organizing and updating patients’ medical records and history, organizing and coordinating physician-patients appointments, authenticating insurance, furnishing, and forwarding insurance claims to insurance companies, maintaining open and working communications between the physician and patients by preparing and answering correspondence, offering excellent and professional health services to patients (Medical administrative assistant job description).
Medical Administrative Assistant