Who is to blame for the war of 1812


Did you know, the war of 1812 actually ended in 1815? Well it did, and the americans prevailed with a victory. Although the americans declared war, both countries are to blame in starting this war.

Madison states he's for the war

James madison was running for president. During his campaign he stated that he wanted to go to war with Britain. Britain felt offended and threatened by this. This caused problems betweeen the two countries.

British attack U.S.S Chesapeake

The americans were sailing aboard the U.S.S. Chesapeake. The British shot at and attacked the ship and all the americans aboard. The ship was destroyed, but most of the americans survived the attack. This sparked the beginning of the war.

Jefferson cuts trade with British

America and Britain were always trading with each other for other goods. But president Jefferson cut trade with them. Britain was very angry by this move. They could no longer get needed goods. This did maek less attacks on U.S. ships and more men lived.

British barracade U.S. ports

The british decided to barracade the United States ports. This denied U.S. access to trade with other countries around the world. The U.S. was furious because they couldnt obtain much needed goods. This wasnt fair for the americans and they felt like this was a push for the war against them. Britain obviously wanted war, and they were asking for it.