Realizing My Powers

By: Brooke Dickenson

My First Step Into The Spotlight

One day we were in the bank, my mom and I, I was about 4 years old and we were walking by the room with the TV where everyone waited. As we walked by a commercial with a popular song came on and I ran over to the TV, and I stood in front of everyone in the Bank Of America in Jacksonville, FL and sang my little heart out and dancing around. Little did my mom and I know that there was a east coast talent show for youth being held in Orlando and the coordinator was standing, gawking in awe over my overly charismatic 4 year old self. He quickly walked over to my mom and gave her a form the next weekend my mom and I went on a road trip to Orlando. I was a little nervous but I was so excited to show off my stuff. I sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow and blew the judges away, needless to say I walked away with a thousand dollars cash, a trophy, and a sash that said "I Am A Young Star, Watch Me Shine."

Miami Marlins

After the success with my first talent show, the coordinator talked to the owner of the Miami Marlins ballpark owner and set me up to sing the national anthem for the upcoming game. I was so young, but I was so confident.

6th grade besties

In 6th grade Jasmyn and I were best friends and one night we were having a sleepover. We sang together and discovered that we sounded amazing together. So we auditioned to to sing a duet in the upcoming chorus concert. We made my teacher cry and she was adamant about us performing. It was my first time showing off my voice to my classmates in middle school for the first time.

Speak Out Loud

In the 8th grade, I was very loud and outspoken so I decided to use it for good. I tried out for Forensics and even though I dint believe in myself others around me believed me. I made it and I joined Orignal Oritory and I won third in our division. I was so proud that I could use my talent or something that someone would find annoying to be useful