solar energy

By sergio loma

what the first step to being green?

what most people do, is get expensive light to save energy.But that not the only way to save there are other ways like solar energy. Solar Energy is the use of the sun to use it as house light or to power solar panels for energy consumption in homes.


depending on the brand you get is the cost and efficiently, regularly solar panels save 14% while the high end solar panels will save you 22% the regular cost plus initialization would be unto 7k to 8k or if you choose to get the expensive kind your looking at 10K to 12K.the average electricity bill is $110.21 subtract 14% or 22%.while there are some that take 100% covrage but that can be over 100K


thats not all you have to think about you need the room you have to place one and the budget you are working with and the amount of energy you use and the location in which you live in.

cost=(P)+(I) the price is area * cost

P=price of solar panels


why should i change

the saving over time it will eventually pay itself and save you money as well.