Xbox history

By Peter Wu

Xbox (2001)

Microsoft enters gaming arena with Xbox

In 1998, members of Microsoft's multi-media DirectX team reconfigured old Dell laptops to create a Window-based video game console. And the Xbox is use things that call handle to play, but the one is not very big. That mean you can not play big game in this, but you can use this things to play with your friend, also you press the different key, you can do different things.

Xbox one (2013)

Microsoft introduces Xbox One

This Xbox Is better than before, this things can play big game than before and also this Xbox can play more clear than before, also this Xbox don't always stack, also that new one can play some new game and more interesting than old one, also that have more option, like you can play it on line with other people, and also you can play this more easier to use.

Two different things and two same things.

1.Xbox one can play on line

2.Xbox one can be more fast, and display resolution.

1.They all can play game.

2.The all call Xbox.


I didn't research on the internet, this is my friends told me. Because he is very interested on Xbox