Learn about Canada's history, environment, and government!


A little bit more than a breif history of Canada

The history of Canada goes way back, about 12,000 years back. The very first people in Canada were the Asian tribes who crossed over the land bridge to find food. They settled in Northern Canada and these 12 tribes made up the first Canadian nation.

Later, much later, the first Europeans came to Canada. They were the Norse, who came from the Scandinavian Peninsula, and they created a settlement with trade with the Inuit. The Norse deserted the town, and country for at least 5 centuries. Later, the next person to come to Canada was Jacques Cartier. Cartier sailed the St. Lawrence River. Cartier also claimed land for France. The French settlers called the land New France. Over half a century later, Samuel de Champlain created the first permanent French settlement, in 1608. The population grew slowly. The settlers moved inward to trap animals, because beaver fur hats were in high demand in Europe. The settlers were fur traders, Catholic missionaries, and French farmers, all of which brought French laws, traditions, and their religion, Catholic. If you were not Catholic, you could not live in New France. The British colonized in the region south of the French, the British wanted control of it, this led to the French and Indian War in 1754. The French were outnumbered..... so they relied on the Indians for help.Great Britain also had indian fellows on their side. The war ended in a draw. Later, much later, the Inuits wanted their own land. They asked for in the 1970s, and finally their wish was granted. In the 1990s Nunavut became a territory, the Inuits' very own land! That totals the provinces to 10, and territories to 3!

Environmental issues of Canada

The environmental issues of Canada are not always from Canada. There is a lot of pollution into the great lakes by Americans, only some is actually from Canada. Canada's main factories are all in Quebec, but America's are all located in New York and neighboring states. When the smoke, acid, and other pollution comes out of the factories, it drops down into the Great Lakes. It creates acid rain when the water gets evaporated and precipitates. Another environmental issue is the mining in the Canadian Shield. In the Canadian Shield, lots of people or companies mine for valuable ores. This causes a lot of soil loss, erosion, and it destroys the land around it. A way to fix it is to reclaim the land, but that could take years, or even decades! It also costs a lot of money to do that! The next issue is, over extracting timber. When you over extract something, you take more than you need. This is kind of like when you're eating dinner and take more than you can eat. This happens when the big machinery cannot get to the tree that they need, so it cuts down the trees in its way.

Canada's Government

Canada has a parliamentary democracy, and a constitutional monarchy. This means the Queen or King of England rules,but because of the distance, they appoint a governor-general. The governor-general acts as the vice Prime Minister, much like a vice president. The Prime Minister is in charge of Canada's main government stuff. The Prime Minister is like the President. The soon-to-be Prime Minister becomes the Prime Minister if it gets elected to be a nominee, then it gets into a group, and if that group gets the most votes, the head of the group becomes the Prime MInister.

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Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world, and the largest in the Western Hemisphere.