10/14/2016 Ms. Bell's Show-And-Tell

Because I'm a gossip.

Math Warmup Stars This Week

Guess who made at least one perfect score this week? Impressive!

Jake Bartell ~ Caleb Ferree ~ Jordan Hatch ~ Mia Huckabee ~ Mckenzie Kiker

Noel Medina Ponce ~ Jacob Buczynski ~ Lisbet Granados ~ Bailey Lipke

Kathryn Underwood ~ Allyson Brown ~ Brittney Caldwell ~ Olivia Hearndon

Camryn Helms ~ Joshua Hudson ~ Madelyn Johnson ~ Logan Little

Aleesa Reece ~ Baylie Rushing ~ Jillian Speights ~ Emily Worth

Lucas Johnston ~ Timothy Sides ~ Jacob Aldridge ~ Hanna Captain

Kevin Carpenter ~ Jonathan Copple ~ Megan Ferriss ~ Catherine Laws

Stephany Reyes Cabrera ~ Jarred Simpson ~ Victoria Burleson ~ Kaleena Her

Aidan Hiott ~ Rachel Huneycutt ~ Julia Martin ~ Ashley Diaz-Ramirez

Courtney Dixon ~ Abby Efird ~ Kaitlyn Morgan


You can access ALEKS from home, a library, or anywhere with Internet access.

ALEKS Rockstars of the Week

These peeps passed MORE THAN the ten assigned ALEKS topics last week.

Madelyn Johnson ~ Jorge Moran Gonzalez ~ Trevor Kelly

Stephany Reyes Cabrera ~ Ashley Diaz-Ramirez ~ Sarah Vang

And who passed the most topics on ALEKS last week?

Trevor Kelly (25 topics)

Math In The News

Teach Me How To Solve It

This video is a good recap of the way that we solve multi-step equations.
Math Rap Dougie - Teach Me How to Solve It (Equations)

Where is my teacher?!?!?!?!?

I'm so sorry about missing a couple of days this week! I have been having terrible back and chest pain, and I have been going to the doctor to have tests done to find out what is going on with me. I'm hoping to be over it soon! However, I am very proud that you have kept up your learning, even with a sub. It's very nice to return to school and to not be behind in what we need to cover. You are awesome!

My Favorite Kids Snippets

If you'd like to watch it again....
Angry Coach with Jack Vale - Kid Snippets

Other Celebrations...

  • Destiny Joplin competed in her first pageant last week and finished well.
  • Mckenzie Kiker is going to be a big sister again!