Teen Depresion

A Serious Problem, Don't Go Untreated

Symptoms of Teen Depresion

Teens suffering from depression have a feeling of absolute hopelessness and sadness. These teens often know when the sadness started, but do not know why they are sad. Teens dealing with depression also experience increased anxiety.

If you have a friend who you believe is depressed watch out for these signs: eating, trouble sleeping, lack of motivation, or giving away possessions. If you believe that one of your friends may be dealing with depression, seek help from a trusted family member or counselor.

How to Get Help

It is not hard to find someone willing to help you with your depression. Seek a trusted parent or counselor to begin talking through your depression. If cases are severe enough there is also medication that may be able to help treat your depression. Check out some of these sites for online help:

Don't Wait, Seek Help Today!