World History

Class Syllabus

Learning Goals

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Update your Geography skills to ensure you can:
    • Identify locations using Latitude and Longitude
    • Compare and contrast Map Projections with a Globe
    • Use Special Purpose Maps to analyze geographical areas
    • Identify Landforms and Natural Resources
  • Understand how the first civilizations developed and thrived
  • Explore how early societies grew into empires
  • Learn about:
    • the wonders and mysteries of Egypt and India
    • the amazing inventions of the Mesopotamians and the Chinese
    • the great thinkers of the Chinese and the Greeks
    • the complex societies and engineering advances of the Greeks and Romans
  • Understand the origins of the first Americans

Your Learning Tools

Our Topics

1st Nine Weeks

  • Understanding Geography
  • How to Study History
  • Early Humans: From Hunter/Gatherers to the Agricultural Revolution

2nd Nine Weeks

River Valley Settlements: Understanding the influence of geography on the origins of early civilization

  • Mesopotamia – the Fertile Crescent and the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
  • Egypt – The Gift of the Nile
  • India – The Indus River Valley
  • China – The Huang He and the Chang Jiang Rivers
  • Meso-American Settlements

3rd Nine Weeks

Governments, Economics, and Culture

  • City-States, Monarchies, Empires and Dynasties, Democracy
  • The Expansion of Trade
  • Social Structure and Legal Systems
  • Religion and Philosophy (a comparative study: early polytheism; Chinese and Greek philosophers; Greek and Roman mythology; Hinduism; Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity)

4th Nine Weeks

The Legacy of the Ancient World

  • The achievements of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China
  • The contributions of the Greeks (including Hellenism)
  • The Roman Republic and the Holy Roman Empire


Class work - 30% of grade

Common Assessments - 30% of grade

Projects - 30% of grade

Homework - 10% of grade

90 – 100 A

80 – 89 B

70 – 79 C

60 – 69 D

50 – 59 F

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Required materials

  • Composition Book
  • Double Pocket Pronged Folder
  • Blue or Black Pens / Mechanical Pencils (No RED pens or Sharpies please!)
  • 12 Pack of Colored Pencils

School provided resources

  • Lenovo Chromebook Computer and Case
  • Digital Textbook
  • Canvas Digital Communications Platform
  • Lots of Google apps

Mr. Turner

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