by: Easton, Riley, Lyndsay, and Wade

Informational Paragraph

Here are some facts about the heart. First, the heart can cary oxygen through out your body.Also,your heart is the most important muscle in your body.Next,your heart can pump 2,000 times per day.After that,the heart can give the red blood cells a push when it reaches the heart.Then,the heart can send red blood cells through out the body to collect oxygen form the lungs.Then,the heart can send red blood cells to drop off oxygen. Finally,when you run or exercise your heart pumps super fast and when you sleep your heart slows down but it does not stop it keeps on going through the night and day. Those are some facts about the heart.
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Opinion Paragraph

I thing my school is doing a good job of keeping us health because every Tuesday we get one hour of exercise because every Tuesday we go to p.e. for thirty minutes of exercise and we get thirty minutes of exercise outside.Every day the school cafeteria gives us a heath food choice.Every day the school cafeteria gives us a health fruits and vegetables.The school lets us do brain breaks. When we do brain breaks we get one or two minutes of exercise. These are some reason why i think my school dues a good job keeping us healthy.

How to do CPR

First, see if the person is hurt and see if the place around them is a safe place for you. If it is not safe then be careful. Next ,check if their heart next to your chest is beating.Then you push on there chest 30 times and give them air 2 times. Call 911 and tell them were you are and what is your first and last name and what happend. Last, you keep helping the person until the ambulance get there.


interesting- something you like

oxygen- it is in the air we breath

heart- a muscle that pumps blood through your body