The Body and Anger Management

Character Comparison

What do they have in common?

Sarah and Chris have a lot in common. They both have a lot of reason to be mad at the life that was handed to them. Both of their father's abuse them and are alcoholics. Sarah is a very strong girl for all that she has been through, and Angus makes that clear during the story. Chris was also said to be the strongest and bravest guy of the gang. When Angus told Sarah that they should be in love, she explained that she didn't want to because he won't stay. She has had it happen before. She said that one day he would wake up and see that she isn't beautiful, and that the scars won't go away. Chris has talk with Gordie about how they will grow apart this school year, and they won't even know each other next year. Both of these statements have the same idea. People come and go. They were both aware that nothing lasts forever and you can't trust anyone to stay. They were very protective over their feelings, and made sure no one messed with them. They were both proved wrong at the end of the stories though, because Sarah and Angus ended on good terms and still in a relationship. Chris and Gordie stayed friends all the way through college, until Chris was killed. In many ways, these two characters had a lot in common with each other, mostly with their personalities.


The two characters are different in some areas. Sarah has a harder exterior compared to Chris. Obviously Chris is a boy and most boys don't share their feelings, but even with that Sarah has a tougher personality. Chris really tries hard not to follow in his brothers' footsteps, and Sarah prides herself that she will never be like her mother or father. There are a lot of obvious differences. Sarah was abused like Chris, but her scars are permanent, and that may be why she has a harder time in life. Chris died a noble death and doing the right thing. If he had time to grow old, he would probably get married and have kids, and be a great father and husband. They have both learned exactly what they don't want to become in life.


Sarah plays a very important role in this book. The whole story is based off of her childhood and finding her mother. Her attitude has a lot of affect on the whole book. You learn a lot about her through her story and what is going on in her life. Chris is the same way. He is very wise and his wisdom brings light on a lot of important factors in the book. Both of the characters make you think about your own life and helps you understand how everyone in the book is feeling. The author picked to have a character like Sarah to show how hard her life is. Angus had to really rethink his life and how wonderful it was compared to hers and we were meant to do the same. Chris shines light on the boys' group and was really going to happen. It shows you that no matter what background you have in life, you can turn it around. Sarah portrays the same message. You don't have to let your environment affect the outcome of your life. That is a very important message for young people so that's why the author created these two characters.

Why did I pick them?

I picked Chris and Sarah because I think that they have a lot in common. They both had a very important impact on the story, even though they were not the ones telling the story, you learn a lot about them through what they say and do. I can relate to both of them in certain ways and have a lot of respect for both of them. I have a lot of empathy and sympathy for both. I chose them because I thought they would be pretty easy to compare and you know the most about them. Their stories are a huge part of the stories and are very interesting. They both have had such a rough childhood, and even though it has affected them in certain ways, it didn't change who they really were. Their lives would have been much different had that stuff not happened, but they changed it for the better. They both are very smart and will go far in life because they know they have to work very hard for it.

Who do I relate to the most?

I relate to Sarah the most, probably because we are both girls. She doesn't let people into her life very much, and I am the same way. When I was younger I had a disease where my arm was paralyzed and I lost all muscle mass. You could see the bone poking out of my shoulder and my chest bone even stuck out more. I was very insecure about it. That is nothing compared to what Sarah had to live with on her face, but I still was very insecure about. I can understand why she has such a tough interior because I had a physical feature that made me different and uncomfortable with myself.

I never really talked to the people around me about how I felt. Sarah is the same way. She keeps her feelings to herself and has a hard exterior. I was not as mean as her, but I can understand why having a physical deformity like that can do that to someone. I don't think that she feels good enough, and I can definitely relate to that. I could never imagine going through half the stuff that she does. I know that what I went through definitely made me stronger and so I can see how she became to be such a strong girl.

The only difference that I can see between us besides her being so mean, is that if I were in her shoes when I found out my mother replaced me I feel like I would have reacted differently. I would have been so upset and probably would have gone back in there for an explanation. It would be hard knowing that my mother replaced me. She didn't even try to mend things with Sarah at all. You can tell that Sarah is a lot stronger than me because of that reason. She was strong enough to walk away, and I am not.