The great egg drop

our problem

Our problem was that we had to build a contraption to save our egg using the materials we were given and drop our contraption holding the egg, from a fire truck 50ft in the air without the egg cracking.

How we can solve the prblem

We had to make a contraption that could save our egg from falling from 50ft ans splattering.

Our materials

The materials we were given were 4 straws, a few toothpicks, a couple quetips,2 plastic cups, a plastic bag, a square piece of card board,one yard of string, one yard of tape, % packing peanuts, a styrophome cup and 3 cotton balls.

To see if our design worked

To see if our design worked we dropped it from the lab tables and the stairs and if the plastic egg broke we made some adjustments .

The adjustments we made

We made many adjustments to our design, it was falling to fast with only a paper bag parachute so we taped a square piece of card board on the top so make it go slower. We knew that the card board would work because it is flat and when it falls the air pushes up against it and slows it down.

How our final design was

Our final design was a success, it dropped slowly from the fire truck because of the card board and landed safely.

If we could do this project again

If we could do this project again we would have drawn our design out each time we made improvements.