My AVID Family

My life as an AVID student

Bio & Big changes

I've been in AVID for 2 years and I love writing, listening to music, playing my instrument, and taking care of my pets. My family is really big and supportive so I am determined to make them proud. During these past 2 years I've changed a lot as a student. I have improved so much and become more organized. AVID has pushed me to think more about colleges and careers. It also made me take school seriously and put effort in all of my work.

My AVID Projects

What AVID means to me

To me AVID is where you learn how to be more responsible and prepare yourself for high school and set your mind to think about college. I strongly believe that this program helps a lot of students, the improvement is very obvious after a while.

college, career, and major

I am currently interested in Texas A&M University because they have a really good program for public relations specialist. I started getting interested in this career because I found it when I was doing my project over careers. I'm really interested in writing and photography so I figured journalism would be a great career for me. I started doing more research about it and journalism is a class I could take to major in public relations. With a major in public relations you could find a job in different things. What I was really interested in was working for a magazine because I could take pictures of places or events and then write about them. I could also help celebrities or companies if they have a bad rating, I could write an article to basically make them look better and make people have a better opinion about them.

Avid Activities

AVID field trips

Sometimes we have fun field trips, we go to 2 field trips each year. The first field trip we go to during the first semester and we go visit a university. You could pretty much say it's an educational field trip but there's still some fun in it because we learn interesting things. The second field trip we go to during second semester is more like a fun field trip. We just go to have a great time.


The first field trip we went to when I was a 7th grader was UTA. I remember how we were all complaining because it was super cold that day. We were all wearing sweaters, scarfs, and even gloves. We would get in big groups and just cuddle to keep ourselves warm. But even if the weather wasn't really that great, we still enjoyed taking a tour of the campus. We saw what it was like for students who went there and we also learned about the different types of scholarships, loans, how they paid their dorms, the different types of degrees, etc.
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dallas zoo

The second semester of my 7th grade year, we went to the Dallas zoo. This was just a trip we took for fun. I remember splitting up in groups and walking around the zoo looking at different animals. I even got to feed giraffes.
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This year our first field trip as 8th graders was to UNT. First we went into a room and some students who went there talked to us about different majors, careers, scholarships, loans, etc. They even talked to us about how they paid their dorms and stuff about how they can have roommates. After that we split into 2 groups and took a tour of the university.
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avid celebration

We went to Nimitz high school and pretty much celebrated avid and the seniors who are graduating and have stayed in the program. All of the high schools went and so did all of the middle schools. We did different activities and got to hear amazing speakers. One of them was a senior who will be graduating this year. I loved his speech because he talked about how avid had an impact in his life and helped him when he struggled throughout his 4 years in high school. He even talked about how much he loved his avid teacher and how the students in avid were like his family.
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Top 10 reasons avid is helpful

  1. You learn to write on your planner every day
  2. Helps you learn to organize your binder
  3. We learn to take cornell notes
  4. Study in a more organized way
  5. Remembering to do your TRF makes you responsible
  6. You think more during tutorials to solve a problem
  7. Do projects that help you improve
  8. Present in front of class to get you prepared for the future
  9. Sometimes you have to work in a group and communicate more
  10. During philosophical chairs you have to know how to describe your opinions

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