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Who am I?

My Personality Type

My personality is "orange". I am fun loving, spontaneous, adventurous, artistic, creative, generous. I can multi-task. I have a very outgoing personality.

Right and left brain thinking "There is no such thing as a collective brain."- Ayn Rand

Although I use both the left and right side of my brain depending on the

thought process necessary, I am most comfortable while using the

right side of my brain. That means that I think in a very creative way. However, sometimes I need more help with the logical things like math, lists, sequence, logic.

Decision Making

Behavioral Style

When making decisions I tend to follow the behaavioral style. People with that decision making style focus on people and social aspects, considers the well-being of others, acquires infromation by listening and interacting with others, evluates information by using feelings and instincts, has a low tolerance for uncertainity. The best organzatonal fit for my type of decision making is one that allows for them to work with people.

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What Do I Want?

My Top 3 Career Choices

How Do I Get It?

My High School Plans


– get good grades, get involved, start a resume of all activities/accomplishments


– keep grades up, take PSAT and/or PLAN, maintain resume


– boost GPA, take ACT and/or SAT, maintain resume


– get letters of recommendation, apply to schools, complete the FASFA, apply for scholarships

My Top College Choice

City, State: Russellville, Arkansas

Public University

Enrollment size: 12,749

Total per year: $32,718

High School Graduation

Thursday, May 17th 2018 at 7pm

285 Stadium Dr

Fayetteville, AR

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It's not the end, it's only the beginning.