history project

life of facts from London b johnson

my texan?

i chose london b johnson because he stopped segregation and made rights equal to all people no matter what their race is

when did he live?

he lived in the time of the 1900's and born 1908 Aug. 27 and most important thing

happened in 1964.!

where did he or she live and where did the important role happend?

he was from Johnson city and the most important thing happened in Washington d.c

what was your texan like?

he was against segregation and he was with and made the civil rights act and wants equal rights

what problem or challenge was your texan trying to solve.

the problem was that whites had more power than anyone so they

decided to make a test that blacks can't pass!

How does your Texan handle the problem?what happens as a result?

He as Vice President made all civil rights acts and got to get the rights equal.
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What memorable thing did your Texan say? Are there any famous quotes from him or her?

He is known for stopping segregation he also made a quote saying

"Until justice is blind to color, until education is unaware of race then May God help help us all"

How has this Texan made a difference in your life?

If he wasn't here then today we would be racist we would have more power than anyone and anything and most wars would be going on still but you end up black you would be thrown in a ditch and today because of him he made a difference and fixed the future!
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If you like him if you follow his rule then you are good person racism shall end in the future racism will be gone for good.