Percussion Stuff!

Holiday Edition!

Next Semester is Starting!

What is an ending for some classes is just the beginning for others. Now we can really dig into our Solo and Ensemble music1

Drum Line Holiday Party!

Friday, Dec. 19th, 6pm

832 Bourbon Red Dr

Des Peres, MO

Thanks to the Craig's for being the brave hosts! Make sure everyone has their secret Santa gifts! I'm also planning a Christmas Drive Scavenger Hunt. So if you were a part of the drum line this fall, come out and have a great time before you enter FFF for the holidays!

(Forced Family Fun)

So What do I need to be ready for in January?

We're going to hit the Solo and Ensemble music as primarily next semester. Both classes will start a new warm-up: Legato Strokes and Dynamics, meant to keep up and build chops, but we've got to learn it first!

Section 1 will then focus on The Winding River top - 48, Invasion top - F; and Alarm top - E

Section 2 will focus on Sizzle top - E and Moonrise top - G

Both groups will also be sight reading as often as possible. Be prepared to read both snare drum and mallet music this week.

As always, contact me with any questions!

I like exclamation points today!