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Why not? How often do you laugh in a day? In a week? Did you know that laughing triggers endorphins that actually make you feel GOOD? Don't take yourself too seriously- It becomes burdensome. Find something funny and run with it. A good friend of mine busted me last week b/c she said she was waiting for my "Tiger Beats" to come out (which clearly I didn't send). I had to chuckle because... well I'm an 80s child and who didn't LOVE TIGER BEATS? Seriously... It's the PERFECT name- Not to mention- it's funny! (and reminds me of my childhood... who didn't love the NKOTB posters?? Duh?) === except maybe Jacob.

My challenge to you this week- LAUGH. - A lot - at anything. :)

For the Good of All...

Club Tri-folds- There are trifolds available for your club /activity on the stage in the MPR. Please decorate it any way you would like. IF you need help- please let me know- I will help (seriously). I need these completed as part of the Curriculum Night- but then we will keep them. :) Things to consider adding to them- Name of club- Grade level it addresses, who is the sponsor, how to get a hole of them, what the program focuses on, how kids get on (everyone can? try-outs?, etc) Clubs / Activities (forgive me if I forget any)- GOTR, Running Club, Archery, Lego League, OoTM, STLP, Media Club, Student Council, Drama, Choir, Academic Team, FPS, Cheerleading, Basketball (girls / boys)

Volunteer Orientation- Jennifer Melvin is holding a volunteer Orientation this week for parents.

Test Score Release- We will be having a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 29th @ 7:30. (Ugh... I know) It is NOT mandatory, but after much thought I didn't want to bombard you with this information right before "company" was coming. You need that time for yourselves. I will be sharing our scores, standings, etc. Non-disclosure has to be signed, and if you don't have that you can't have information regarding our scores. Scores are released to the public 10/1.

Curriculum Night- Tuesday evening- beginning at 4:30. Families will be permitted to visit the gym for the "information Frenzy", 5:00 - we will stay in the gym where we will discuss EnVision as a program, standards, etc. Then give families an opportunity to go to the labs where they can log on and see the digital pieces if they have not already. At 6:00 families will be able to absorb grade level information, expectations, schedules, programs, etc. I've explained that this is not for individual conferences. You may want to have sign up sheets ready for conference though- A great "Segway" to those that try to corner you- "I can't really meet with you tonight, but why don't you sign up for our Parent / Teacher conference right here..."


Technology- Dammeyer is working like crazy to get us uniform. Chris Walsh is a rock star- and has been helping as well. We will all be on the same page by the end of the year- this is my own goal! Laptops- Well- with the "new" bid- it would cost the school $1500 a person for a new lap top. I love you all.. but wow! So.... I'm working on a plan to make sure that everyone has a Chromebook to use. This will allow you to do EVERYTHING a lap top does except print / hook to your brightlinks. But don't FEAR! Dammeyer has an awesome plan that will make sure you not only have a working brightlinks that is FASTER than your laptop, but also allows you to be mobile. We think we can do this for everyone and still save $$$$ of dollars. I <3 Dammeyer.


Student Self-Evaluation form for P/T conferences- attached.

Data Binders- a great way to make kids take ownership of their own progress. I've attached a Reading Fluency chart for kids to track data. These are AWESOME if you are thinking about doing student - led conferences.

Classroom Management- Attention getters!

Sensory Processing- a great quick article to give you a better understanding of our kids with sensory / processing disorder.

Calendar Chaos!



Test Score Release to staff - 7:30 am!
2nd grade Field Trip

Curriculum Night 4:00 - 7:00 - Outline to come.

October... Already?
1st- 5th grade goes to Ryle for Marching Band performance 12:50 pm
2nd- Recess Rescue Raffle tickets due

5th- Monday Meets- SGPs / PGPs --- help if you need it.

7th- Student Advisory Council
8th- Kindergarten to Kinman Farms
- BOE meeting 7:30

9th- No school (waived day)
12th- No school (flex day)
15th- SGGs and PGPs due in CIITS
19th- 21st - ATMs
20th - SBDM
22nd- University Meeting- MOCK conferences / Resource Sharing / Preparation

23rd- Father / Daughter Dance @ St. Tims

- Book Fair Begins

26-30th- RED Ribbon week / Book Fair Week
30th- Family HOE DOWN! We will have a live Bluegrass Band!! Family & students invited. Flyers will be sent home.

November...b/c why not?
2nd- P/T conferences = 4:00 - 7:00
3rd- No school (waived)
5th- P/T conference - 4:00 - 7:00

6th- Popcorn Friday / Super Hero Spirit Day
11th- Veteran's Day celebration!