Lunar Calendars

Calendar that is based on cycles of the lunar phases.

Who Used This?

- Chinese
- Japanese
- Korean
- Vietnamese

How Does It Work?

This Calendar can be Contrasted with the Gregorian Calendar, which is a Solar Calendar based on the Revolution of the Earth around the sun. Because there are slightly more than 12 Lunations in a Solar Year, the Period of 12 Lunar months is sometimes reffered to as Lunar.


-Months/Year: 12 Months
-Days/Months: 29-30 Days
-Day/Week: 7 Week
All lunar and lunisolar calendars are synchronised with the lunar cycle.
In lunar and lunisolar calendars, calendar years are not aligned with seasonal markers. The year length also varies in length by up to 30 days, thus causing a large leap baby problem.


Did You Know?
Some of the oldest Lunar Calendars marking the Months and Days have even been found by Archaeologists inscribed into sticks and animal bones, or discovered in beautiful cave art found in France and Germany