No Child Left Behind

Ensuring Students Success

We should provide consistent learning opportunites for teachers, ensuring that they are not left behind with new techniques and strategies.

In today’s society we are faced with many obstacles in the education arena. With the, “No Child Left Behind” Act, disadvantage children are given the opportunity to receive the necessary tools needed to be successful in and outside the classroom.

Learning Opportunities

We as a nation must continue to provide consistent learning opportunities to educators to ensure that we are meeting each students need. There are several techniques and strategies that can be used to achieve this goal such as: attending educational seminars, educational and training courses related to their subject area. Teachers must continue to learn new approaches and develop the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective educator. Informal learning outside of school is an effective measure teachers can use to continue the improvement in the classroom. Technology can develop and evaluate learning experiences for students. In order for us as a nation to provide teachers with the essential tools to be effective in the classroom, we must provide parental, school and district support.

Practices by Educators

“Utilizing best practices in my classroom positively impacts students by providing motivation to learn and promoting success in a global world.” (NC Teacher, 2006) It is important that teachers across the nation use the same practices. Using the same practices allows students to develop the necessary skills and abilities needed to be successful in school and in life. They will be able to adapt to any situation in any region of the world that will be equal across the board.

Teachers Standards

Accountability of a child’s education should not just fall on the teachers. Parents also play a key role in making sure children receive a quality education. Educators should not be evaluated solely based on test scores, but also their ability to plan and lead instruction. This will ensure that our students receive a solid education.

Mastering NETS-T

Schools are offering more opportunities for teachers to be successful in the classroom. Teachers are attending seminars and receiving additional training to assist in the mastering of the NETS-T standards. School districts are investing in the latest technology to make sure that students receive a quality education.


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