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What all IES staff members need to know on 12/10/15.

IES Mid-Year Celebration

All IES staff,

Come party with us at 1:30 in the library on Friday, Dec. 18th. We are bringing back the peppermint pig! Please be prepared to share a tale of past year’s good fortune from your classroom (professional and students celebrations) as we tap the pig for prosperity for the new year!

You will be asked to share your celebrations by using one of the stems below for your professional and student celebrations...

I took a risk this semester by trying ______ and it has had a positive impact on ___________.

I attended professional development on ______ and it has impacted my instruction by _______.

I was not confident with my ability to teach ______ but after trying it __________.

(Name of Student or I have a student that) has improved (exaggerated adjective) in ______ because they _________. I'm so proud of him/her!

(Name of Student or I have a student that has) exhibited a growth mindset by setting a goal in (Subject/topic) and working hard to meet their goal. I'm so proud of him/her!

I’m really excited how (Name of Student or a student of mine) stretched themselves in (Subject/topic) and can now (performance tasks related to subject/topic).

President Signs ESEA Rewrite, Giving States, Districts Bigger Say on Policy

By Alyson Klein

For the past quarter century, federal education policy has been moving in one direction: toward standards-based education redesign, a greater reliance on standardized tests, and bigger role for Washington when it comes to holding schools accountable for student results. Click here for the full article. Click here to go to the ESEA homepage.

IES Events and Birthdays

12/12: Happy Birthday to Gina Mitchell!

12/15: TMIS Show Choir performs, 8:30

12/15: Mark out at Math Data Talks

12/16: Mark out at Principal's Meeting

12/17: Fine Arts Night and Cookies with Santa, 6-8pm

12/18: PRIDE Rally, 8:15; Winter Parties 10:15-11:45; Early release, 12:00; Mid--year celebration 1;30

12/18: Happy Birthday to Connie Clifton!

12/20: Happy Birthday to Pam Parmley!

12/26: Happy Birthday to Tina Malley!

1/2: Happy Birthday to Maria Alcala!

1/4: Staff Development: Transforming Instruction Presentations

1/7: Keith out at meeting all day; Mark out at meeting 12-4

1/8: Happy Birthday to Carla Hood & Laura Feemster!

Independence Elementary, Keller ISD

​​​​Our Mission

We, at Independence Elementary School, as compassionate professionals, will inspire and empower our students to become independent thinkers, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners by building relationships, having high expectations, providing a safe and nurturing environment and embracing the community.​

​​Our Vision Statement

Inspiring Dreams
Empowering Minds
​Strengthening Our Community​​​

Our Goals

By June of 2016, ​67% of observed student tasks will include students using academic language, as measured by Instructional Rounds walk-throughs.

By June of 2016, 85% of K-4 students will demonstrate proficiency on Math Readiness Standards and 85% of 3rd and 4th grade students will demonstrate proficiency on STAAR, as measured by common summative assessments and STAAR.

By June 2016, 85% of K-4th grade students will demonstrate proficiency on Writing Process and Readiness Standards and 75% of 4th grade students will demonstrate proficiency on STAAR , as measured by Writing Process and Readiness Rubric and STAAR.