Hamrick's Friday Focus


End of the Year

We have only 20 days of school left. This year has flown by.

I have started to get some questions regarding end of the year procedures. First off, it is way way way to early to start packing up for the year. Please do not start boxing your stuff up with 20 days left. I can only imagine the insanity that would follow.

First, as most of you should know we are looking at how we can best arrange rooms to set us up for a long term solution to our growing numbers. Our goal is to make sure grade levels are all grouped together and in a way that fits our building needs. We do not want to put a band-aid on a problem just to try and fix it every year. We will have a plan together sometime in the first week of May. You will know exactly where you are going and what the plan is to get you there.

Regardless if you are moving or not, every bookshelf will need to be cleared off. We cannot just wrap plastic around the bookshelves. Mainly, because when they are moved they are A) very heavy B) much more likely to break C) often the stuff still spills out and the custodians do not have the time to clean up spilt bookcases. I know this is a pain. Chris started to collect boxes last month but he does not have enough for everyone. Please try to start saving boxes if you come across them to help with all of the moves. We will purchase boxes if we need to.

Finally, There are 2 inventory surveys that I need filled out. The first one is a room inventory that asks about desks, tables, chairs, etc. I need one for EVERY classroom. The second one is a book inventory. I only need ONE from each grade level. As a grade level put together a count of all of your grade level books and turn this into me.

I will send out a checklist of things needed to be done before leaving when we are down to 2 weeks left in school.

As always if you have any questions at all please come talk with me.

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Resource of the Week

Health Works Kid Museum

This is a really neat resource. They have field trips there but also will come to our school and put on presentations. This year it is free for us because they have a grant from Jefferson County. They think it will remain free next year as well.

I would suggest looking into this for future field trips or l having them come talk to your grade.