Pull Me Away

Pull Me Away Can Lift Your Day

About Pull Me Away

Pull Me Away is a fabulous tool that if you pull one of the ends of the string and the other will go up. So, how it works is for it to be easiest there needs to be 2 people to make it be the easiest. The person on the bottom is going to put a bag of groceries on the hook on the bottom of the string and pull the other end of the string and it will go up up and away, pull it to the person on the top. So the person on the top will take the groceries of and put them inside or where they want. There is a cleat where you put it and you put the string in a figure 8 around it and it will hold its place until next time you use it.

Pull Me Away's Hours

The hours to try it out are…

December 11 Friday

1:00 - 2:00

If you come I will be there,

waiting for you to come and try it out.

I hope you can come.