Vol. 10 February 1, 2016

Let's Play a Game!

Theme: Let's Play a Game!

Book: Where's Spot?

By: Eric Hill

This week we will be talking about playing games. In our Book of the Week, the children will learn about playing games, taking turns and continue our work with initiating play with friends. The children will build on the social skills we've been addressing over the last couple of weeks.

For Special Center, we will focus more on turn taking games that involve waiting for friends to complete a task and vice versa! Some of the games we will play are tag, hide and find, and red rover!


Objects, place, activities: hide and find, tag, blocks, sand, play

Social: friend, different, choice, yes, no, turn, wait

Actions: hide, find, run, come over, tag

Attibutes: taking turns, staying calm, waiting

Song: I Know You Know (Imagination)

Small Group: The children will play a variety of different games with friends.

Early Birds at Home

This week we will really focus on waiting and turns as it relates to playing with friends. At home, you can continue to play games or participate in activities using this week’s vocabulary.

It's a good idea to really emphasize when you're taking turns at home. You could talk to your child about taking turns with other friends or family members. Family members could practice modeling taking turns with each other. As you take turns, call the person's name and emphasize "it's YOUR turn, I'm waiting!".

Look for an opportunity to model waiting while taking turns. It's also good idea to talk about times when you and your family need to wait. Singing the waiting song while you are waiting for something to heat up in the microwave or other daily activities where waiting is required is also a good way to emphasize the importance of waiting as we grow!

What's New!

We will have a Substitute on Thursday.....Welcome Miss Aleah!

Miss Aleah will be substituting for me on Thursday! She is absolutely wonderful! The boys met her last week and had a blast playing with her last Tuesday! You may want to mention Miss Aleah will be teaching class on Thursday as you talk about your week! Thank you Miss Aleah!

Early Bird Illness Policy

If you fear your child may be coming down with something, has a fever or virus, or has had a fever or virus within the past 24 hours, please keep him/her home. When the kids are not 100% well, they have difficulty learning and benefit less from being at school. Also, keeping them home helps prevent epidemics! If you know your child will be absent, please call or text 214-864-3013. Thank you for your cooperation!!!!