Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

On September.................begin what I hope will be one of the best experiences they have in high school...EXPLORATORY! The overall goal of the Exploratory Program is to allow students to make INFORMED decisions related to their choice of technology and post graduate career/college plans.

How does Exploratory work????

The Exploratory Program is divided into three parts. During the first part , Phase One, ALL students will spend two (2) days in ALL thirteen (13) technologies offered at Wilcox. During the second part, Phase Two, students will select three (3) technologies that they enjoyed..what to learn more about...think may be something that they want to study for the next three and one half years of high school and the will spend four (4) days in those technologies. The Third and final part of Exploratory, Phase Three is Final Trade Selection. Based on information students have gathered during Phases One and Two, feedback from instructors and insight from parents (yes you play a big role in this selection process) students will select a technology that they will remain in for the remainder of their high school career.

What does my student need for Exploratory?

1. Exploratory t-shirt

2. Safety Glasses (prescription glasses will not meet the standard)

3. Workboots (the boots DO NOT have to be steel toe)

4. Belt

5. Pencil/pen

6. Hair tie to pull hair away from face

What should my student NOT have for Exploratory

All of our technologies at Wilcox operate to full industry standards and expectations. They follow similar OSHA and Public Health Code standards. Please be aware that while in certain technologies your student will not be allowed to:

  • Wear jewelry
  • Wear facial piercings
  • Have artificial or acrylic nails

How will my student be graded in Exploratory?

During Phase One, we do not expect students to be experts in any of the technologies. They will be scored based on:

  • Preparation (do they have safety glasses and workboots, is their shirt tucked in or does the teacher need to remind them?)
  • Cooperation (do they follow direction, interact appropriately with peers in the teams they are assigned to etc.
  • Ability to follow safety rules (While in shop, students physical safety is the top priority for all of our teachers. They take this responsibility seriously, therefor they do not expect to ask a student more than once to follow a safety procedure)

During Phase Two student will be scored on the same criteria as Phase One and their teacher's assessment of the students specific aptitude for their specific technology