7 articles of the constitution

mnemonic device to help you remember them

Large - Legistlative

Article I of the constitution talks about the Legislative branch. The legislative branch is the law making branch, congress is the law making body. They turn their ideas into laws. It also lists the rules of what congress can and cannot do. It also shows you the power the states have and how it is limited.

Elephants- Executive

Article II of the constitution talks about the executive branch. The executive branch consists of the president, vice president, and the presidents advisers. Article II also lists the powers and responsibilities the president has. It also establishes the electoral college

Jump- Judicial

Article III of the constitution talks about the judicial branch. The judicial branch consists of the supreme court. The judicial branch interprets laws, and has complete jurisdiction. The judicial branch tries those who are accused of federal crimes.

Swiftly- States' Rights

Article IV of the constitution talks about the states rights, and the relationship the states should have with each other. The states have to respect laws of all the other states. If a crime committing citizens flees their state to another state that state must return the criminal to the state where they committed the crime.

Around- Amendment Process

Article V of the constitution talks about how the constitution can be changed, and how the amendments can be changes as well. One way to propose an amendment to pass a bill in the U.S senate and house of representatives by a 2/3 margin. It must be approved by 3/4 of states' legislatures. Also it talks about how they wanted to make changing an amendment difficult.

Swaying- Supremacy of the Constitution

Article VI of the constitution talks about the law, and how it works, and which laws are supreme. It states that the constitution is the "law of the land". It also states all government officials, federal, and state must swear an oath to the constitution.

Rapids- Ratification

Article VII of the constitution talks about the changes that have been made to the constitution, and the ratification of the constitution. It states that 9/13 states must ratify the constitution, and it shall become the law in those 9 states.The document framers wanted to make sure the constitution was binding,