Drawing Conclusions

Who am I ?

Who am I and how do my skills and talents help define me?

I am Christian Aguilera and my skills and talents define me as athletic. Another thing that describes me is I'm energetic. Lastly I'm very calm and disciplined when I need to be. those are some things that describe me.

How do I relate to my family, community, and society? How do I build networks of people to support me?

They all relate because they are a part of my life and change it and I build networks of people by keeping my real friends close.

What is my responsibility to society?

My responsibility to society is to be an upstanding citizen and to get a good job so I can invest my money back into the community

How do my emotions and wants/needs make me vulnerable?

My emotions make me vulnerable because I trust too much too quickly sometimes or I just trust too much in general. My wants make me vulnerable sometimes because when I want something I start to forget what's important and what I have already have and take things for granted. My needs make me vulnerable because just because u want something doesn't mean u need it and sometimes i forget that.

How do I learn best?

I learn very well I catch on very quickly I am usually a fast learner and I but I have always learned my best over technology .