Al Capone death and life

By: Kierra Stover

Intro to Al Capone's Story

Al Capone went to become the infamous gangster in America....

Capone's Early years

Al Capone was born January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York City, NY. His parents were Gabriele Capone and Teresina Raiola they were both Italian immigrants. Al Capone latter went to become a infamous gangster In American History. Al Capone was responsible for many acts of violence mostly to other gang members. As a kid he was a good student at his Brooklyn elementary School, but than began failing and had to repeat 6th grade. Around the time he was playing hooky. One day Capone's teacher hit him and he struck back at her. The affect was getting a beating by the principal. After that Al Capone never returned to School.

Capone's Crimes

In the early 1929's Capone dominated illegal liquor trade in Chicago. But other racketeers vivid piece of the bootlegging business, and among them was Capone's rival (Bugs) Moran. Moran previously tried to assassinate Torrio and Capone and now he was after Capone's hit man (Machine gun) Jack McGurn. Capone and McGurn decided to kill Moran. On February 14, 1929, posing as police Mcgurn gunmen assassinated seven Moran's men. While Caponne was staying in Miami at his house the public and media blamed him for the massacre. Another crime Al Capone did was tax evasion. Capone was indicted of 22 counts of income-tax evasion. At the trial Capone was using his best weapon bribery and intimidation. But at the very last moment the judge switched to a new jury. And Capone was found guilty and sent to prison.

Prison for Capone

Before Capone went to Alcatraz he would always persuade his keepers into procuring his whim. Capone also convinced his guards to work for him. And his cell was full of expensive furnishing. While in Alcatraz Capone spent 4 1/2 years and was doing many different jobs. It wasn't easy for Capone Alcatraz. He got into a fight with another inmate recreation yard and was placed in isolation for eight days. One day a inmate was standing in line to get his hair cut and talked to Capone and stabbed him with a pair of shears.

His final days

Over the years Al Capone was caring the disease called Syphilis. Syphilis is a Chronic Bacteria. In about 1938 he was sent Terminal Island prison in California so he could serve the rest of his time in sentence and was released in November of 1939. Al Capone later died of Syphilis January 25, 1947. He was buried at Mount carmel Cemetery proviso Township.