Townsend Times

March 10, 2014

What's Going On In Our Classroom?

Reading - we are starting a new unit on fairy tales, folk tales, tall tales, and fables.

English - we have created a March Madness vocabulary bracket. The kids start battling each other next week. We are also working on dictionary skills.

Handwriting - this week we will work on cursive letters q, n, and m. We will also do some review activities.

Math - we will finish up topic 10. I would like to have a short quiz on Friday over fractions.

Next week we start topic 11 which covers geometry.

SS - we finished our postcards to the past. They look awesome! We will start the next unit later in the week.

Science - we are going to continue with motion and force, we are also going to try to finish up presenting our Genius Hour projects.

Things to remember!

* spelling test and activities are due on Thursday.

* we have started Jump Rope For Heart, keep working on getting those sponsors!

* Thursday is BLAST night.

* we are still working on our igloo.