History of Cell Theory

Sierra Butterfield

Parts of Cell Theory

~Everything living is composed of other cells.

~Cells come from other cells.

~The cell is the smallest basic unit of life.

Robert Hooke (1635-1703)

Robert Hooke looked through a piece of cork and drew what he saw. What he drew had reminded him of the cells in a monastery. In the year 1653 he had created the cell. When he was 26 he took the assignment from Wren and then joined the Royal Society for Scientists. Hooke then published his drawing in 1665.

Rudolf Virchow(1821-1902)

Virchow became a licensed doctor in 1846. In 1847 he became an instructor at University of Berlin. He did research at Wurzburg and helped establish the concept of cellular pathology, idea that all diseases are caused by changes in normal cells.