By: Nick Cannone

In order to excel as a leader, one must be bearing. Bearing is defined as the way in which one acts and conducts themselves. This means you must dress well and also control your actions and looks. On top of that, you must control your temper at all times and keep a calm, clear, and clean tone. A leader must set the example for his or her people, and maintain the respect which he or she has earned.

George Bush

It was a special morning for the students at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Florida on September 11th, 2001. They were privileged enough to have the President of the United States, George Bush, come to their school and read them a story. It was not too long after the reading began when the president received a whisper in front of the children telling him that America was under attack by terrorists. Immediately his jaw dropped, but he knew that he had to regain his composure. He had to send a message to not only the children but to the rest of America that everything was going to be alright. President Bush calmly and coolly finished the reading and then headed off to be briefed on the situation. Had President Bush rushed off he most likely would have sent the classroom and the rest of the country into chaos and a strong sense of insecurity. That day he set the example for his people to stay calm and know that everything would be just fine. At night he delivered a speech to the nation. He calmly reassured them that everything was going to be alright, and set the example once again by showing a sense of safety and pride even though a disaster had occurred just hours prior.
George W. Bush The Night of 9-11-01

President of the United States

It is the classic look of authority. A clean cut man wearing a navy blue jacket, collared shirt, and a red tie. In order to be respected, one must respect themselves. That starts with dressing to impress. Though clothing styles have changed in the 238 years the United States have been around, every president has always looked as classy as possible when in public. Whether it was Abraham Lincoln in his top hat or Dwight Eisenhower in his military uniform, presidents have always had an image to keep up.

Douglas MacArthur

From the time when he was a Private of the United States Army in World War I to when he was a General in World War II, Douglas MacArthur never changed. MacArthur would charge through "no man's land" (the strip of land between opposing sides' trenches), along with his men despite the constant rain of bullets. According to accounts of his men, MacArthur calmly yelled out orders as if they were under no threat at all. These actions not only set the example which inspired his men, but they also made the men feel safe amidst the bloodshed. Had General MacArthur not been so bearing, his men may not have been as inspired as they were. This may have resulted in a completely different outcome of World War I as MacArthur led some of the most important pushes of America's campaign.

George Patton

Patton revolutionized modern warfare with the addition of tanks in World War I. Though the new machines were revolutionary, they still had limits. To combat this, Patton led by example and secretly crawled through enemy trenches, mapping out the safest path to take his tanks. When battle day came, Patton would ride unprotected on his comrades tanks, maneuvering them through the constant rain of artillery and countless obstacles. Patton set the example for his men, remaining calm and upholding the respect which he has earned from his men through his dedication and hard work behind the scenes. George Patton was extremely influential in World War I, leading the United States to victory.


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