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Friday the 13!!!!

Pi Day Fun!

David and Mr. LaPlante dress like Albert Einstein for Pi Day.


Our class will take the IREAD test on Tuesday, March 17th at 10:30. Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest and has a great protein filled breakfast. We will have a snack in class right before the test. Please send in a healthy snack this day with your child. Also stress the importance of this test to your child. They will all do great!!



This week we starting reading fables. The class is loving these short funny stories. They also love guessing the moral of the fable. Next week we will move to myths.


We will work on writing friendly letters.


We are writing our own fables each day. Students will pick their favorite to take through the writing process.


We have started with chapter 9, which is more with multiplication and division. This chapter focuses on mental math multiplying, partial-products algorithm, factors, lattice multiplication, and product of 2-digit numbers.

*Please note- The Every Day Math program looks at multiplying very differently than you were taught so please be patient with the new way of thinking and don't hesitate to ask if you or your child have questions.

Wilson, Cameron, and Belle are working through our math Pi Day stations. They were measuring round treats to find the diameter and circumference. The best part? Enjoying the treats of course.

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Science/Social Studies

We will be wrapping our unit of map study next week. We have looked at land forms, bodies of water, and grid maps.

Our next unit of study will be Rocks and Minerals. If students have a rock collection they may bring them to school to share starting on March 23rd.

Dates to Remember

Saturday the 14th- SGE Silent Auction

Monday the 16th- Animal books due

Tuesday the 17th- IREAD test

Friday the 20th- College spirit dress up day

Tuesday the 24th- Visit the 4th grade wax museum

Friday the 27th- Sunday April 5th- Spring Break