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The History of Legalism

Legalism was founded in the mid-400s BCE by Han Feizi. Feizi came up with his philosophy after hearing of the Confucius teachings about obedience. It was believed that a king was allowed to rule as long as he used morals, but if he didn't his authority was gone. Feizi believed that a king should be obeyed, no matter what his actions. Han Feizi compiled his beliefs in his book Hanfeizi, which was the beginning of what we know today as Legalism.

The Height of Legalism

When King Zheng of Qin was a young scholar, he read the teachings of Han Feizi. This led to the conversion of Zheng to Legalism. Later in his life, Zheng would go on to become Emperor Shi Huangdi. During his reign, he enforced Legalism upon his entire empire. His beliefs were so strong that he burned every book that didn't agree with Legalist teachings. Huangdi went on to be one of the greatest rulers of Ancient China, helping out the people with his building projects. This was all due to his unwavering belief of Legalism.
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Why You Should Be a Legalist

As a Legalist, you will not be forced to enter a religion you do not want to. We will not challenge your beliefs, like other philosophies. We only want to help out our government, the most important thing in life.