Diminishing Of Foreign Oil

By Trey Krivo and Chad Johnson

Plan of Action

1. Construct oil rigs in parts of American where there are a small number available.

For example: offshore, inland waters, and the Gulf of Mexico.

2. Give a limited tax right off to gas stations to help give them incentive to build small oil rigs to supply their own oil.

3. Invest in alternate forms of energy, like solar and wind energy, so that industries, which are the biggest consumers of oil, can be powered with other forms of energy.

4. Invest and give benefits to buy fuel efficient and electric cars, so residential gas consumption lowers.

5. Invest in research to build electric generators, that don't require oil, but instead are powered by wind or water. This technology exists, but in a vary basic form.

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The D.O.F.O. Initiative

America's dependency on foreign oil has risen to a dangerously high level. This problem will effect the lives of millions of people around the world. The United States should take this serious and carry out their business with well organized steps. Our organization will help the government with the diminishing of foreign oil hence the name, DOFO. The first step in our plan is to build working oil rigs in areas where there is an abundance of oil, but not many rigs. According to the chart above, some places that would be suitable for this are offshore, inland waters, and the gulf of mexico. This will help us get more oil from our own country and not from foreign sources. Next, we will give gas stations a limited tax write off so that they can have their own oil sources near their stores. This allows the small business to grow and have an abundance of U.S.A. oil. The next step that DOFO will take is to invest in other forms of energy like solar panels and wind energy. If we can accomplish this then companies that use a lot of oil can use these forms of energy instead of fossil fuels. The fourth step is to lower residential oil usage by giving benefits to those who use electric and hybrid cars. This will lower the consumption level of residential oil. Our final step is to invest in the research of building electric generators that run off of wind or water instead of oil. This will give power to larger projects like dams and industrial machines. If DOFO can work together with the government to carry out these tasks, we believe that the use of foreign oil will be completely diminished in 5 to 10 years.