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This Week in Band at PMMS (Dec 7-11, 2020)

6th Grade Band Virtual Band Concert a Success!

Thank you to all of the students and families who participated in last week's 6th Grade Band Virtual Concert. Mrs. Haraldson shared many of the concepts and skills the students have learned thus far. Students performed their warm-ups, scales and even their first piece "Conquest". Thank you letters to parents and guardians were read as well.

"While it wasn't like our normal concerts, it WAS really special" said Mrs. Haraldson after the concert. "I'm so proud of these students and can't wait to put them all together in the future. This is a SPECIAL bunch of kids!"

Below is the video from the concert. Feel free to share it with friend and family that could not attend, One benefit of doing the concert like this is that you can have repeat performances!!

6th Winter Concert 2020

The PERFECT Gift For Your Child (and it is under $5)

App developers have created some good apps for musicians in recent years. However, one of the BEST apps that nearly every professional uses is TE Tuner (Tonal Energy Tuner). This app provides feedback about your child's pitch and tuning. It also has a metronome to assist with steady pulse as well as fancy tools like a tone generator and visual analyzer. I think it may also do your laundry! This is a must-have for all musicians and it is $4.99! It is available for iOS and Android devices.

Another Gift Idea -- Private Lessons!

For students that are interested in taking private lessons for enrichment and extra help from a professional musician, please consider reaching out to our list of fantastic professional musicians. These are a group of people that are connected to Sun Prairie in various ways - some are alumni! Whether you participated in last year's "Band Lesson Academy" or you are looking for more - please check out this fantastic resource! To start lessons with any of these teachers, simply email them requesting a lesson time. Payment will be done between you and the teacher directly. Click Here to find a teacher:

Looking For More Music To Play?

Is your child looking for something fun and different to play? Here is a list of popular tunes and movie music that your child can play with a recording. The music shows up on the screen. This document lists the instruments (and associated links) in score order. Have fun!

Previous Information

7th Grade Solo Project Started

This past week the 7th grade band members each selected a solo to begin working on. This will be the focus of our next five band lessons. You should hear a LOT of this solo being played over the upcoming weeks. We have encouraged your kids to "chunk it up" by working on small sections at a time. False starts, going slow, and making mistakes is certainly part of the learning process. The key is to work slowly attending to the mistakes and making the corrections. If you hear your child saying "I can't do it", just say back to them "you can't do it yet".

Your child will record their solo and turn it in for a grade by January 15. There is an optional (but recommended) online solo festival sponsored by the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) that your child can participate in as well. The fee is around $9 per entry. More information about this will be coming out in future newsletters.

PMMS Band Solo Timeline (all 7th graders required to do it)

Nov 16-20: Select Solo in lessons

Nov 23-24: No lessons

Dec 21-23: No lessons

Jan 15: Solo Recordings Due

Jan 19-21: Solos graded and shared prior to the end of the quarter.

Those interested in WSMA Festival (optional)

Jan 12: Registration Form Sent To Students

Feb 12: Registration and Video Recording for the WSMA Festival Due

Feb 19: Payment Due In Infinite Campus*

Feb 23: Student Performance Uploaded to WSMA (fee must be paid)

April 16: Evaluations Completed and Returned to Student

*Entry fee is approximately $9. If finances are a concern, please contact Mr. Gleason

Need Supplies?

Visit Ward Brodt's website to order any band supplies you need. Order what you need and then at check out you can choose home delivery or school delivery under the shipping section. If you choose school delivery, your supplies will be delivered to Cardinal Heights and we will make sure you get them. If you are unsure what kind of reeds/valve oil/slide grease to purchase, we have attached a list of recommended supplies here.

Where Can We Find Information About Band This Year?


1. This newsletter will be sent every Sunday afternoon. It will contain the plan for the week, updates on classwork, and special events or opportunities.

2. Our PMMS Band Website will have weekly lesson plans, resources, links, and our weekly lesson schedule. I will also keep links to all of our newsletters on this website if you ever need to look for something shared previously but lost it in your inbox. Consider the website as the "go to" place to find out information this year.


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