U.C. Riverside

Established in 1954

Video Highlights from UC Riverside - 2015

Welcome to U.C. Riverside!

The University of California, Riverside, is one of the world's most highly ranked academic institutions as well as one of the most diverse. There is a plethora of courses for everyone. UC Riverside offers a world-class education and approachable professors. Come and be among the 22,000 Highlanders who are receiving top-tier education to become scientists, engineers, politicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors and leaders.


About the University

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Admission Requirements

1. Subject Admissions

  • History/Social Science (2 years)
  • English (4 years)
  • Math ( 3-4 years)
  • Laboratory Science ( 2-3 years)
  • Foreign Language ( 2 years)
  • Visual and Performing Arts (1 year)
  • College Preparatory Elective ( 1 year)

2. GPA Requirements

  • Earn a GPA of 3.0 of higher. Extra points for honor courses

3. Examination Requirements

  • Take ACT with Writing or SAT by December

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The cost of attending UC Riverside is extremely competitive with private institutions and other University of California campuses. UC Riverside distributes more than $250 million annually in financial aid. Complete the FAFSA online by March 2. (fafsa.ed.gov
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Fun Facts

  • Campus Size: Nearly 1,200 acres
  • Students: more than 22,000
  • 86% of undergraduates receive financial aid
  • Athletics: NCAA Division 1
  • 51% Female and 49% Male
  • Student to faculty ratio is 19:1
  • ranked #1 in the nation by Time magazine
  • UCR is powered by the sun, providing up to 6.6 million megawatt hours of electricity each year.
  • Over 80 majors available
  • UCR opened its doors in 1954 to 127 students.

Student Life

UC Riverside offers an active community along with impressive academics. There are currently more than 400 organizations, a lively schedule of concerts, guest speakers, cultural events, and a Student Recreation Center that comes with a pool, indoor running track and climbing wall.

Concerts, Culture and Entertainment

There are always theoretical performances, sporting events and musical concerts. UCR hosts a variety of musical acts each year from Nooners to major music festivals eadling performers such as Big Sean, Tyga, Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris, Juicy J, and Tokimonsta.


UCR is rich in athletics spirit and tradition. They compete in 17 NCAA Division 1 level intercollegiate sports such as Baseball, softball, women's volleyball, and men and women's basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, and track and field.

Housing and Dining

When it comes to housing, UCR has plenty of room. First year students live in Residence Halls, which offer labs, study lounges, tutoring services, laundry facilities and nearby convenience store. Students can participate in more than 1,500 campus activities.

UCR also has campus apartments and family housing. The options range from studios to four bedroom apartments. The family housing consists of economical two and three bedroom single and duplex homes. The community has a park, playground and picnic area.

There are plenty of residential restaurants featuring a wide variety of American and international cuisines. UCR has on campus restaurants serving high quality and healthy cuisines. Bytes and The Barn are a few of the known restaurants for lunch.

Campus Safety

UCR provides and safe and secure environment. The full service police force, UCR Police is always on call and ready. There are safety escorts who can guide pedestrians to their cars and meeting places after dark. Most of the buildings and and parking lots are equipped with surveillance cameras. Blue emergency call boxes and emergency phones are stationed all throughout the campus. If there is ever an emergency the Emergency Notification System alerts students, faculty members and staff immediately.

Is this school for me?

After much research, I have decided that this school is for me and I would like to attend in the fall of 2016. I feel as though I have completed all the admission requirements and would be a great addition to the incoming class. I have always enjoyed SoCal, I love going there whenever we do. I even plan on living there when I am older. I know that UC Riverside is distant from Livingston and my parents do not want me to leave, but I want to go here, because of the programs and the city. For one, the faculty to student ratio, is an important deal to me since I enjoy getting to know my teachers and asking for help whenever I need it. I am interested in Biological Sciences and UCR has its own College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences that also has ten interdisciplinary research centers. This is where I believe will be where I go for classes and get to know the campus and students more. This campus seems to be very fitting for me and if I am accepted I will give it a thought to attend it.