Panther News

Oct. 23-27

Panther News

  • Fall Fest is Oct. 26th
  • Book Fair is this Week
  • Progress Reports will go home on Wednesday
  • Just a reminder district policy states that academic practice (daily work) is not eligible for retakes
  • late work will not be accepted after 5 days (penalties apply to late work)

This is Red Ribbon Week

Monday -

Wake Up and Say NO to Drugs! - Wear Pajamas

Tuesday -

Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Drugs! - Twin Day

Wednesday - We Declare a War on Drugs!

Team Color Wars

Wolverines - Black

Panthers - White

Thursday - Drugs Are a Thing of the Past (Decade Day)

Dress up like your favorite decade of fashion

Friday -

Red Out, Drugs Out! - Wear Red

Panther Science (McDermott)

  • Energy Notes


  • Force and Motion Notes


  • Graphing Motion Notes and Practice


  • Pumpkin Chunking Video


  • Begin Pumpkin Chunking Build

CO2 car money was due Friday. If you have not turned in your money, please do so as soon as possible. Click HERE to view the letter that went home with students on Thursday. Please consider sponsoring another student if you are able. When the time gets closer, I will ask for parent volunteers to assist in the build and launching of the cars.

If you are interested in helping with building our CO2 cars please click HERE.

Panther Science (Edrington)

Panther Social Studies (Hardcastle)

Monday: Industries (finishing stations)

Tuesday: Industries

Wednesday: Mini Society

Thursday:Mini Society

Friday:Mini Society

Panther Math

Big image
Big image

Panther ELA (Francis)

Monday - What details do I include in a Summary?

Tuesday - Writing a Summary

Wednesday - Friday - Topic Vs. Theme

Panther (Gallagher)

Monday: Summary...What belongs? What doesn't?
Writing our summary
Wednesday: Discovering theme and topic
Thursday: Thin and thick questions
Friday: Catch up day/Free write/Read