Nero the Roman Emperor

Who was Nero?

Nero was a Roman Emperor who got the throne at age 17. He was born in 37 CE, and committed suicide in 68 CE. He became emperor in 54 CE and was emperor until his death.

When and where did Nero live?

Nero lived from 37 CE - 68 CE. He was born in Anzio, Italy, and lived in Rome, Italy.

What are the accomplishments or contributions of Nero? What were his failures?

The accomplishments were that he was won many wars, crushed British revolts, and made peace with other countries. His failures (Or sins) were that he is known as the emperor who ‘played the fiddle while Rome burned.’ He also apparently, captured Christian's, dipped them in oil and burned them as a night light in their garden.

Why should Nero be studied and/or remembered?

One big reason why Nero should be studied is because he was the final emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Though, he is mainly remembered because he played the fiddle while Rome burned.