Arab Spring

Olivia Myers

How was this started and why?

The "arab spring" was started in Tunisia when a fruit vendor set himself on fire outside of a government building as a protest. More protests followed as an uprising against the government intended to put an end to government oppression, and corruption.

How many counties were involved in this?

The movement originated in Tunisia in December 2010 and quickly spread to a total of 11 counties including Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

What was significant about Egypt?

The government got overthrown in 18 days and after that the rest of the world started to take notice and western leaders even praised the revolutions.

What was significant about Libya?

Libya had a fierce leader, Gaddafi, who wouldn't step down from power so a civil war broke out within the country against government supporters and those trying to overthrow it. As the war got bloodier and bloodier, pressure for western intervention grew and eventually NATO intervened and the United Nations sent military force to break up the violence

Were these protests successful?

Yes, most countries had overthrown their government and held new elections.

Is this still going on?

As of 2012, Protests in Saudi Arabia continued, Bahrain is still in the grip of a political uprising, and the worst and most notorious ongoing uprisings is in Syria where an estimated 6,200 civilians have been killed

How bad is it in Syria?

Pretty bad. Like previously stated, 6,200 civilians have been killed and the numbers are only growing. The amount of violence has escalated to the point where international support/intervention is needed but its been difficult on deciding which countries should do what because there are no clear cut alliances with the country

What was the Arab spring's goals?

Most countries wanted democracy, free elections, and basic human rights.

What were some methods used in the uprisings and protests?

Sit-ins, silent protests, riots, self immolation, protest camps, social media propaganda, and many more.