News from Mrs. Morrow and Mr. Dolfi

Math and Science

In Math, we will be wrapping up our Algebra Unit. The kids have done great over the course of this study and have grown into super Algebra students! The next unit will cover decimal operations. This includes adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with decimals. This should be a quick unit, and I will try to wrap this up before Spring Break. I am giving the Algebra Unit test this Thursday, March 12th or Friday, March 13th, depending on when I think the students are ready. We will start our decimal unit next week.

The atom and the periodic table was the main focus during February and we moving on to light waves and sound waves. We will also study the eye and the ear. The students are working on a project creating a Superhero after an element on the Periodic Table. This is going to be done in class this week. We will take a quick, open note quiz at the end of the week.

Please make sure that Keeping Skills Sharp is done for homework each night. This assignment is used to strengthen skills we are working on in class, as well as review skills already taught.

Midterms went home on Monday, March 9th. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

ELA and Social Studies

In English/Language Arts, Book Clubs and other reading groups are in full swing! We have been incorporating various methods of repsponding to what we are reading in class. Through journaling, sticky-noting, and large and small group discussions, we are trying to get the most out of what we are reading in class. I am very proud of our students and how far they have come this year as thinkers. Many students are reading two or three book simultaniously! Ask your child about what they are reading.

In addition to novel studies, we have also been learning about folktales from around the world. In preparation for Heritage Night (Thursday, March 19), each student has been researching folktales from their heritage. We will be presenting what we have learned at Heritage Night and we look forward to seeing you there!

Finally, please take time to look at your child's at-home reading log and see what they are reading. I have seen students continue to show thoughtful reflection, but now that we are well into the third quarter, students should be able to fill the entire space provided with writing! Many students have also been failing to complete reading logs or to turn them in. These are an important part of the practice as a reader and a way for your child to grow.

In Social Studies, we are wrapping up our unit on Ancient India. Students have learned about the early civilizations that emerged and how religion and culture shaped this country. As a way to close out this unit, students will be participating in a Celebration of Knowledge, which is an alternative to traditional assessment. Students will given 5 options for creations to show their learning. These options will include creating a timeline, fake online profiles for some of India's early leaders, further research topics students have been introduced to, create their own multiple choice test, or take a multiple choice test (for those who want a more traditional assessment).

We will be moving on to our next unit, Ancient China, next week. Therefore, students will need to work on this at home to have it completed by the due date: Friday, March 20. If students choose to take the multiple choice test, I am expecting them to take time at home to study in preparation for the test that will be given on the due date.

Stay in touch!

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