Texting and Crashing

Don't drive while distracted

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Texting and Crashing

Texting and driving is a major and serious problem. It kills more than 9 people in the U.S. every day. It also injures more than 1,153 people. From the article Distracted Driving, author unknown: “Distracted driving is driving while doing another activity that takes your attention away from driving.” Controlling a two ton metal vehicle is a big responsibility, not paying attention to what you’re doing with it is a big mistake. From the same article, Distracted Driving, author unknown; “In 2011, nearly one in five crashes (17%) in which someone was injured involved distracted driving." That is a big chunk of the yearly crash damage caused by distracted driving. When you are tempted to text or call while driving, just wait until you are in a safer situation before picking up your device. That small action could literally save one or more lives. More than 3,285 people are killed in driving accidents caused by distracted driving, every single person who picks up a phone while driving risks someone else’s life, and every person who doesn't makes that much difference. Texting and driving is a legitimate issue and should just stop.

Positive Reinforcement Plan:

-If people stop texting and driving, there will be less crashes. (Picture of cars driving normally.

-Stats of how many texters crash? How many text? How many agree it dangerous? How many people stop?

Control Yourself.

It can wait, just turn it off.

Negative Reinforcement Plan:

-It kills people because of crashes. (Picture of wrecked car.)

-Stats of crash death? Stats of texters/drivers.

texting and driving is a

Killing Combo

Lots of people have died.

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